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PostSubject: Glitches   22/07/10, 10:40 pm



Screen Jump Glitch
-Get an AP/Claymore mine. Stand under the RTL and hold (R) while you press (UP). Keep holding (R) and move towards the other side of the map on the RTL. Once you get past the ledge so you are hanging over the canyon, let go of (R) BUT STILL HOLD FORWARD. Your guy will drop to canyon floor and you will be able to hear the RTL moving. Wait about 10 seconds, then let go of all of your buttons. Your character will jump across the map and, if you started from Team 2 side, he will go into the wall on the IPCA (team 1) side. After you get into the wall, (If you have full health) You can drop down and roll the get underneath the map.

Get into IPCA (Team 1) Wall & Underneath Map
-Goto the RTL on IPCA (Team 1) side. Once you get on the RTL, un-equip all of your weapons. Move your character on the RTL until he is totally pressed up against Team1 wall. Hold (O) and point your analog stick in the direction of the wall the whole time. Once you get in the wall, your character will be on a very small RTL line inside the wall. If you have full health, drop down and roll and you will be underneath the map. You can peek out of walls to shoot people but if you peek out to far, you will go back inside the arena and have to do the glitch again.

Invisibility Glitch
-Go under the RTL and equip you EPDD. Shoot the EPDD and press (UP) to use the RTL at the same time. It should say "RTL Needed" If not, try again until it says that. Now, run to the AZL(Zipline) on the bridge and use it. When you get close to the bottom, press down to roll. You will be invisible to everyone on the map, except your body will randomly appear around the map. If people shoot this body, you will die. *NOTE: When moving from RTL to AZL your body will still be on the RTL and people can shoot it and kill you so move fast*

Spawn Point Jump
-Go under the Team2 spawnpoint where there is a box with an EPDD inside. goto the ledge in the front of it, and repeatedly press (Down) to crouch. If you see a "Press Up to climb" flashing on your screen every once in a while your in the right spot. now, when you crouch and the very fast message action icon comes up, try to press up, and, if you did it fast enough, your guy will climb up to the spawnpoint. If your are Team1, this is useful because your can crouch at the back of the ledge and snap people necks when the spawn!

SMAW Ledge Secret (Not Glitch)
-Climb up the SMAW ladder. once you get up there, turn around, un-equip all weapons, and run and try to grab onto the little ledge behind the ladder. If you got enough speed and made it, pull yourself up onto the ledge. You can attract people by shooting the smaw or EPDD, and when people climb up the ladder, shoot them in the back of the head. What I like to do is set up Laser mines to that the laser points at the place right where people climb up from the ladder. That way they are impossible to disarm (Except with grenades) and they are very unnoticeable.


Skywalk Glitch
-Get some EMP grenades and a Zipline. goto the roof where you get the DSC_1_Thermal sniper. find a place where you can deploy a zipline. stand under that spot and throw an EMP grenade at you feet. When you see a white screen and you are blind, deploy the zipline and walk forwards. You will be floating in mid-air. If you run into a wall, you will become invisible, and your bullet sounds will become silent.


Get into spawn points
-Snap to a closed spawn door. Crouch. Move to the side where the hinges of the door would be. When someone from the other side opens the door, move your analog stick backwards and you will go into the spawn.


Moon Jump
-Get an AP/Claymore mine. Goto the boat and goto the place where you can buddy climb. Plant the mine at the same time that you press (UP) to use the buddy climb. Your character will go flying in the air, sometimes landing on the upper deck , and sometimes even landing on top of the entire boat! You get various heights each time, so keep trying and you will get high. (Lol)

Invisible Turret Man
-Put an AP mine at the base of the turret. Get on the turret, and put on your EDSU goggles. Disarm the mine. Take off your goggles. Turn around, keep pressing (R) to get off to the side. Put a mine where you are now standing. Put away mines. Fire the turret and you should be firing from far away. Disarm/Blow up the mine to get off.

Invisibilty Glitch
-Shoot your EPDD at the same time you press (UP) to use the turret. You can move around normally, but to everyone else you will appear as if your on the turret. If they kill the Turret you, you die.

Infinite Claymore/AP mines. (Kinda)
-Get either of those mines. Plant a mine at the same time you use the turret. Get off the turret and your guy will begin planting the mine. keep pressing up to get on and off the turret. After a little bit, your mines will goto -1. Now get off the turret and plant as many as you like! Your mines will just goto -2, -3, -4 and so on... But the downside is, SFDM only lets you place 3 mines until your other ones start disappearing. Sad


Get into spawn point
-Goto one of the spawn points in the room with the Rpk,m82 BFG, and the Green toxic waste all over the ground. Like Detroit, snap to the door by the hinges, crouch, and wait until someone opens the door from the other side. Pull back on the analog stick and you will fly into the other spawn point

Get On Top Of Crates By IPCA Spawn
-This is REALLY EASY. Ok, goto the room with the green stuff all over the floor and get on the RTL. RTL over to the grey boxes by IPCA Spawn. Un-equip your weapons (JUst hands) and hold circle and keep your analog stick pointed at the direction of the boxes. You will then rtl into the box (kinda) and when you get off the RTL, you will be standing ontop of those high boxes. Very usefull to camp when your Team2.


Target Lock Glitch've heard it in the chat rooms....some guy yelling "Z0mG I jUsT g0+ TL'd!!!" or "G4y TL Glitcher" but more famously... "*Name* Tl's!!!" Now you can beat those little glitchers. Before you go into a match, goto your options and set "Target Lock" to DISABLED. Now, go into a game where target lock is disabled, and when it starts, pull up your options menu. Press square to restore default settings. There you go. You can now target lock. *Note: You must do this before every game if you want to glitch*

Target lock with non-Tl Weapons (Snipers)
-This isn't very helpful because its much less accurate but nonetheless...Join a TL-Enabled game (Or do the Target lock glitch) And during a game, use a target lock enabled gun to lock onto an enemy. while target locking, pick up a non-tl weapon from a crate. Now you can TL with a non-TL gun. *NOte:When you release (L) or the enemy goes behind a wall you will lose your target lock*

See Where Enemies Spawn
-Another VERY EASY Glitch. Simply kill someone will target locked, and keep target locking even after they are dead. When they respawn your crosshair will lock onto them and you can see where they spawn.

Shoot Through Walls
-Run at a wall/Door and shoot your sawed off pistol.

Freeze the game
-Throw an EMP grenade and switch it for a AP mine at the same time.

Lag Any Game (Very Badly)
-Very good for when people are glitching against you. Equip and plant all your claymores. when you have your detonator our, use your Flashlight. you should be holding a detonator and a flashlight in one hand. Now try to climb a ladder. Your body will shoot into the dark abyss and you cant respawn but to everyone else, the game lags REALLY BAD and will most likely make them quit. Also, you cannot experiance the lag =]


Cell tag glitches
-putting these in your cell tag will make different things happen...

%s Makes you look like you are not in a cell (Sometimes Freezes your account only once, then it's fine)
%n Freezes your account and everyone in your cell(Everytime you login ur psp crashes)
%f Cell tag says 0.00
%u,%i,%d Makes your tag say 1677
%e,%g Tag says 1.62
%o Tag says 1177
%p Tag says oX9F
%x Tag says 9fff
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