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 Lobby Codes

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PostSubject: Lobby Codes   01/08/10, 02:17 pm

#Both Sides Green Down
;[MiLk] Coders
;G's down Ppl G'd up
0x00A5B35C 0x00000000
0x00A5B30C 0x00000000
#Force Room
;When enabled the game starts
;You must be host
0x00000110 0x00000002
#No Mic Restrictions On
;Talk as long as you want in lobby
;Tap the note button while talking to enable
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004C1758
0x00000050 0x00000000
#No Mic Restrictions Off
;Use if you get stuck the same way you use the on code
0xFFFFFFFF 0x004C1758
0x00000050 0x00000001
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Lobby Codes
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