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 Tint map , And PMN TOWER

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PostSubject: Tint map , And PMN TOWER   01/08/10, 02:18 pm

#Tint Map
;So we know that our codes are on
;Map has a little higher contrast
0x00518768 0x00000000
0x0051876C 0xFFFFFFFF
#PMN TowerPack(R)no-pop(X)PMNV2
;funder swat007j
;inf PMNS
;real tower
;Lock Guns [NAVPOINTS]
0x005fe4c0 0x00000001
0x005fe4c8 0x00000000
0x00282c28 0x1000000d
0x00282c2c 0x1000000d
0x00282c6c 0c1000000d
0x00282c70 0x1000000d
0x005014AC 0x00000000
0x0027DE04 0x0A407974
0x0081E5D0 0x3C1908B1
0x0081E5D4 0x3C1809A8
0x0081E5DC 0x200E0200
0x0081E5E0 0x15EE0002
0x0081E5E8 0xAF20EA88
0x0081E5EC 0x200E0100
0x0081E5F0 0x15EE0004
0x0081E5F8 0x3C0D0E2C
0x0081E5FC 0x21AD4DD9
0x0081E600 0xAF2DEA88
0x0081E604 0x03e00008
0x00307a20 0x00C52821
0x00307450 0x00C52821
0x00185E98 0x0E5C008C
0x00F00230 0x3C0808D0
0x00F00234 0x8D085FCC
0x00F00238 0x8D090110
0x00F0023C 0x230B0002
0x00F00240 0x152B0005
0x00F00248 0x240C0003
0x00F0024C 0xAD0C0110
0x00F00250 0x10000002
0x00F00258 0xAD0B0110
0x00F0025C 0x03E00008
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Tint map , And PMN TOWER
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