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 Function Copier Codes

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PostSubject: Function Copier Codes   01/08/10, 02:22 pm

#!!----Function Copier Codes----
#Function Copier
;Turn on and off
0x00000098 0x0A3FBE80
0x007EFA00 0x3C0F03E0
0x007EFA04 0x35EF0008
0x007EFA08 0x3C0A08FF
0x007EFA0C 0x3C0908FF
0x007EFA10 0x2529FE00
0x007EFA14 0x8D2D0000
0x007EFA18 0x8DAE0000
0x007EFA1C 0x354A0000
0x007EFA20 0x11CF0006
0x007EFA28 0xAD4E0000
0x007EFA2C 0x254A0004
0x007EFA30 0x25AD0004
0x007EFA34 0x1000FFF8
0x007EFA40 0xAD4E0000
0x007EFA44 0x254A0004
0x007EFA48 0x25AD0004
0x007EFA4C 0x8DAE0000
0x007EFA50 0xAD4E0000
0x007EFA54 0x25290004
0x007EFA58 0x8D380000
0x007EFA5C 0x1700FFED
0x007EFA60 0x254A0004
0x007EFA64 0x3C1808FF
0x007EFA68 0x03E00008
0x007EFE00 0x08A25690
0x007EFE04 0x08A25788
0x007EFE08 0x089E2ED8
0x007EFE0C 0x08A524C4
0x007EFE10 0x089496A8
0x007EFE14 0x08949AAC
0x007EFE18 0x089DBA10
0x007EFE1C 0x08AB0864
0x007EFE20 0x08AAEBF0
0x007EFE24 0x08AAF17C
0x007EFE28 0x08AAD290
0x007EFE2C 0x08A5FB84
0x0049BD44 0x08FCFA00
0x007CFA00 0x02602025
0x007CFA04 0x02402825
0x007CFA08 0x02203025
0x007CFA0C 0x0E3FC000
0x007CFA10 0x02003825
0x007CFA14 0x8FB00010
0x007CFA18 0x8FB10014
0x007CFA1C 0x8FB20018
0x007CFA20 0x8FB3001C
0x007CFA24 0x8FBF0020
0x007CFA28 0x03E00008
0x007CFA2C 0x27BD0030
0x007F00A0 0x4500000E
0x004DE008 0x08FF0188
0x004DE018 0x08FF0594
0x004C396C 0x08FF0E34
0x004C3984 0x08FF0EA0
0x004DE010 0x08FF0EC0
0x007F0F44 0x0A3FC45D
0x007F120C 0x0A3FC502
0x007F144C 0x0A3FC53C
0x007F15B0 0x0A3FC572
0x007F1804 0x0A3FC621
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Function Copier Codes
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